Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring, oh how I love thee.(corny, but true lol)

miu miu bag, marc jacobs rain boots,burberry umbrella
The shower smiles in a politician.


She is so colorful and different. I wonder if those cupcakes are real? They probably are!

This is the best NATURAL lip gloss ever!!!

Almay Pure Blends Lip gloss
This is the best NATURAL lip gloss ever!!!
It adds a natural shade of gloss to your lips. It really blends well, and its 95.8% Natural Hypoallergenic!!!!
You have to try this!!

Miss Fancy

I wish disigners would start making skirts with weirder lengths!

I'm a skirt girl. That is all I wear.I just hate that most skirts are either long to the floor or above the knee. I miss the classy, just above the calf pencil skirts. Well, I can't say that I miss them if they never really existed. Have you seen any skirts with different lengths?

marc by marc jacobs sylvie silk jersey skirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dream Vacation:Fashion Week NY lol

I'm not the vacation type because Chicago has all of my shopping needs. lol. Every time the family wants to go out of town my first question is, "Do they have a mall?" So of course my dream vacation would be Fashion Week:NY or anywhere that Fashion Week is taking place. I always hear about it or see it on TV, but I always thought that it was like a celebrity A-list thing. But if those crazy housewives are always invited, then I know I could somehow get in.  I have to find a way!!!

Oh, and of course I would love to go to Paris or London. That's a completely different topic.

My Red Sole

Ohhhh I have the Loubys!!!. The Loubys are when you get this certain cravings for Christian Louboutins. These shoes are sweeping the nation. All of a sutton, ever woman on television has red soles. lol. Sex and the City wore them long before they became popular. I have just learned that they did not even use to be so expensive until their popularity grew. I just bought my first pair as my "once a year I really deserve this" gift. I am hooked, so im sure I get some sooner or later.

Is this designer item really worth the price?

I always ask myself this question when I plan to buy expensive designer items. This never really stops me from buying it, but I just always wonder.

This is my first Gucci bag. $680. This is really cheap for Gucci, buy I always wonder why so much. But then I realise how long most people keep their Gucci bags, and I never have heard of a real bag ever falling apart. So yes, in my opinion, I think that I will have this bag for a very long time. So, yes I feel that it's worth it. If I didnt buy that, then I would just end up buying six other cheap bags or more.

Do you every ask this question fashionistas?

This summer I must have....

This summer I must have clogs. I sort of missed the clog bandwagon last summer, so I must have some from someone.
Tory Burch

This summer I must have a big floppy sun hat. I think they are so feminine and cute.

This summer I must have a bag or clutch that looks like its made out of straw. lol. I have seen so many in the store lately, and I think they ware so great for the summer.

Michael Kors

So now tell me what must you have this summer!!!

What is your latest splurge?

We all deserve it, so I know you have splurged on something crazy. Me? Christian Loubs. lol What about you?